Gossip Girl - OMFG (2008) Print (USA)

There's such a big flap over the new Gossip Girl billboard that uses a four-letter txt word, but it's not as controversial as French Connection UK's re-branding a few years ago. Everyone should just CTFO.

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WTF! He's stabbing her with his nose!

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I love that word and, along with a colleague's 'bore off' remark when someone is annoying her, it's made my top ten.

However, a quick look at Urban Dictionary makes me wonder if I should use it in polite company! :)

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Hmmmm, and neither one of their suggestions corresponded to meaning I was intending. Basically, mine was the noise of a choked giggle when having a really bad cold.

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In Disturbing Auctions we say "snerk".

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Causing an uproar seems to be the only purpose of this ad. I watch the show regularly and I'm not even sure who that is in the ad, and it doesn't make me want to watch it.

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I guess were supposed to think that the girl is in such a rapturous state, so that even when he pokes his NOSE into her neck, she's approaching orgasm.

I've never seen the show, and my first knowledge of this campaign came via a radio spot. You hear several different girls say (one after the other), "Oh my god!", (with various inflections and intonations), then one girl says "O (pause) M (pause) G". I guess she probably actually says "O M F G".

Then a girl says "Game over.", and a guy says "It's not over till I say it's over", and she responds: "Well, have fun playing with yourself".

I liked that spot (and, no, I don't have it)...