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Got Bones?

The setting this time is a laundromat. We see a snowman getting his hat out of the dryer (Wow, that isn't unusual at all!). Suddenly a woman passing by accidentally nudges the snowman and he gets pushed into the dryer. Then a young woman opens the dryer and inserts her close. She doesn't seem to be aware of the snowman, who is grunting and wiggling his boot covered feet (Snowmen have feet?).Then it's drying time. She closes the door and presses the start button.

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She goes and sits down to read her magazine. The snowman yells (Or seemingly gurgles) for help. We see his face press up against the glass and then melt, revealing his skeleton face. Meanwhile the woman is pulling out a Nestea Cool to sip. Then it's back to the snowman who is now a full skeleton. He bursts through the dryer's door (With much of that woman's close draped on his bones). His body very scrambled up, he notices the drink in her hand and immediately grabs for it. The woman lets go, stunned. He loudly gulps down the Nestea and suddenly his bones freeze over and he is once again a snowman. Then, to add a bit of charm, he reaches into his chest and pulls out the woman's bra. She smiles as he leaves the building. My question is, where did all of the drink go? When he was a skeleton he was see-through. I can only guess that the stuff went inside his bones. Overall, the snowman commercials kind of freak me out. Why does he have bones?

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I hate these ads too. The snowman is creepy and perverse. He makes me sick. I don't appreciate my son (5 yrs old) being subjected to these sexualized ads during cartoon such as Tom & Jerry either!