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GSD&M CD creates phony gmail account in ECD's name - gets fired.

Yikes, mediaspy has some hot gossip - as the story goes, a CD created a gmail account in the name of ECD Mark Taylor, and used it to ask employees opinions about the work, salary and other issues. Well, he forgot that pretending you are someone that you are not is actually called fraud and it is further rumored that Roy Spence, GSD&M's president and founder, "called in a political favor and got a warrant through the local U.S. Attorney's office" to find out who sent that email. How very Sopranos, except you know, legal.
The email-faking CD was tracked via their IP# and now there's a photo of them at the front desk stating "No admittance". Youch!

Well let that be a lesson to you all - gmail does not mean "anonymous and totally untraceable and it never did.

The little birdies are saying this to the Agencspy:

"It was a dumbass [sic] idea, to say the least, and nobody knows why the guy/gal did it — what he/she was trying to find out. Maybe he/she thought he was underpaid. More likely, he/she felt like his/her job was one the lone. He/she'd been on the chopping block before but was rescued by one of the founders."

It's not clear which CD it was, or what exactly was said in that email to piss everyone off that much - I'm sure we'll hear more on this story.

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