Guerrilla Marketing Consultant on The Advertising Show

Hear Michael McLaughlin, co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants”, explain why consultants should always offer a guarantee for their work, how to overcome for client skepticism and his seven rules of engagement. Michael is also a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP where he has over 20 years experience with clients in businesses of every size, from start-ups to some of the world’s highest-profile companies. Following the publication of this recent book, Michael created the websites, and, which provide interviews and news for consulting professionals. In addition to guest appearances on radio and television programs, he has been interviewed by publications such as Chicago Sun Times, Crain’s Chicago Business, and Information Week. He has also written and published articles for Computerworld, Brandweek magazine, Chicago Sun Times,, and Marketing Today.
You can tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to for the live webcast. Or check out the commercial free archives.

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I do recommend Mr. McLaughlin. His thinking is sound on the topic of advertising and perceived value. We believe advertising and marketing should be driven by the bottom line business results it creates, period. Far too many agencies -- large and small -- are driven by fees and "doing advertising" for clients, instead of causing results, regardless of the tactics necessary.
Our agency is paid based on client results we generate.

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Interesting. How do you measure the results? And when?

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and how do those results measurements measure into your billing structure?
via guaranteed results deals? via base & commision structures?
and how do you address the client "self-sabotage" syndrome that occurs on occasion, particularly in relation to creative concept development and brand image?

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I think a new trend on effective advertising is on.