Guidelines in Norway not a cartel!

Y'all remember the cartel-like behavior adbuyers accused agencies in Oz of that caffeinegoddess tipped us about in March?
Now agencies in Norway are drafting rules of engagement for pitches as well. Propaganda reports today that advertisers and agencies have actually agreed on guidelines for pitches, and both parties are happy about the result.
There has been complaints over the years that advertisers have demanded way too much for nothing in pitches, invited too many agencies and breifed badly.
"If a pitch is to be useful, both parties must do a good job" says Sol Olving Kreativt Forum, and adds that the advertisers must supply a proper brief and define what the pitch is really about, and pitchees need to get paid for the manhours they put in. Bjørn Hauge from ANFO (advertisers group) agrees that everybody wins with guidelines in place.

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Sweden too. Reklamförbundet (the agencies) and Annonsörsföreningen (the buyers) have come up with guidelines on the pitches. Those who know Swedish can read more here: Deeper