Hahn beer ad too boob-a-licious

The Hearld Sun in Australia reports that Beer ads for Hahn Superdry, which star a bikini-clad woman under the title "Hahn boobs", are under fire for offensive sexism.

The state's peak health advisory body, VicHealth, has written to the Advertising Standards Bureau asking for the ads to be shelved. VicHealth boss Todd Harper said the treatment of women in the ads was appalling.

Those who enter the website are confronted by a close-up video clip of a woman's hands holding a pair of naked breasts moving in motion to music.

As the shot widens, the breasts are revealed to be those of an obese man being held by a woman standing behind him.

The clip ends with the slogan: "Boobs, great on women. Not so good on men."

Online visitors are then encouraged to watch the TV ad with an invitation to "watch the real love boobs".

Visitors are also invited to "take her home" by downloading her image.

"Reducing it to a discussion of boobs seems to be quite a deliberate strategy and one that women would be entitled to feel was quite degrading," Mr Harper said.

"Men as well should feel aggrieved that consuming beer equates with issues of sex and sexuality and women's bodies."

Mr Harper said an interactive component that allows photos to be uploaded and a customised version of the ad to be sent to friends, could also attract young teens to the site.

Lion Nathan spokesman James Tait said he was not aware of the VicHealth complaint but defended the ad.

"Clearly we think the ad is entirely appropriate," he said.

"Our tracking suggests that most people see the ads as they are intended, as a bit of fun around the lack of self-awareness of the male character," he said.

"The online component is a light-hearted way of communicating the low carb message and that's the way it has been received by the community."

A complaint against the TV ad was dismissed in January by the Advertising Standards Bureau.

For those who are interested, you can check out the site at Hahns SuperDry.com.au

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