Haribo Sinful Maoam wrappers accused of corrupting young minds...again!

Haribo is in hot water again for those sexy sweet wrappers reports Brandrepublic: Haribo in 'carnal' sweet wrapper complaint.

The complaint stems from the letter to the Daily Mail from Simon Simpkins from Pontefract, West Yorks about the "lurid" illustrations used on the wrappers. It has been run as a story in The Sun.

We wrote about a similar letter of complaint they had received back in 2004: Moaom fruit chews new wrapping too sexy. Is this an arranged complaint? Or , is it simply a new person that only just now discovered the sexy wrappers, which works with my theory that 'virals' repeat after a few years.

Brandrepublic has a theory - or had a theory that the letter of complaint came straight from Haribo headquarters :Maoam carnal complaint letter a publicity stunt - but if you go there now you'll meet the text : The requested news item could not be found, it may have been unpublished or you reached this page from an incorrect URL. Hmmm? Mistake, or did they have to pull the article?

Update: that was a mistake. :) They article is now found with the headline: Maoam says carnal wrapper complaint was genuine.

Haribo is also based in Pontefract and given that it is currently running a sampling campaign for a new Haribo product ChewToo, Brand Republic questioned whether the complaint might have been a publicity stunt.
However, a company spokesman said it had received the complaint via email from Simpkins as he claimed in his Daily Mail letter, and it handled it in the same way as it would any other.

Either way, this new letter of complaint has gotten all the UK 'no sex please we're british' on the case - which is great if it was a planned PR stunt for the randy candy, here's a quick google-pick of all the articles.
The Telegraph: Haribo's MAOAM candy criticised for 'sexual' sweet wrappers
Even all the way down under: HeraldSun: Haribo MAOAM sour candies feature 'fruits in pornographic poses'

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They still have the same wrappers?

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I saw them just the other day and was reminded of this story (hey, odd synchronicity now that I think of it)

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Some people have filthy minds and like finding fault with everything. They are unsatisfied with life and so must cause trouble to create drama. There is nothing sexual about those images except in the minds of the Hollywood perverts (this Simpkins guy and others) who should seriously be kept away from children and small animals. I can't imagine someone whose mind is so messed up that they would want to have sex with cartoon fruit. This Simpkins guy must be like the Chucky Cheese Manson of perverts.

I think that these are some of the most delightfully wonderful candy wrapers I have ever seen; much better than most of the garbage out there people try to shove in my face to sell their products I couldn't use or want.

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The Yellow guy seems to be force it on the poor Green lady ;) but she seems to like it looool

The green lady had such a good PLUCK with the yellow guy that she has now taken it to the next step THE THREESOME LOOOOOL