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Hashtagfight in the twitterverse #svpt vs #swtw

This morning Pelle Wessman a.k.a Voxpelli on twitter, a web developer at Good Old in Malmö spotted tweets about a new hashtag-website that looked a lot like his. Voxpelli & peterrosdahl built svpt.nu that follows the hashtag #svpt (svenskar på twitter = Swedes on twitter) a friday night when they had the flu and nothing better to do, and now tweeter.se does the exact same thing, but following the hashtag #swtw (presumably "swedes on twitter").

Ensina on twitter is the man behind tweeter.se and he is by his own account following some bad legal advice "we haven't broken any laws - we follow American laws, not European (according to legal council)" - ah, but you have - and we saw you do it too. Because if you compare the source code, line by line, it's nearly identical.

I phoned Voxpelli and asked him about this site: "I had no idea about the place until Jardenberg tweeted me about it. I had nothing to do with it." he says and when I bring up that they have no copyright notice on their svpt.nu page he says "as far as I know, that's not a legal requirement and hasn't been for a long time. Like since the eighties. ....when that guy was born?" This is correct - a copyright notice hasn't been required since April 1, 1989 in the states.

After many tweets from lots of #svpt all pointing out the non-kosher handling of code directly to Ensina and giving him correct information on copyright in the USA he has tried to pour oil on the waves by adding "after a concept by svpt.nu" but since that didn't help at all, only adding to the confusion on who created the site and whether Voxpelli had approved this incarnation, Ensina has now tweeted "we will take it down around 17:00 hrs today". Tweeter.se has died, long live the hashtag #svpt.nu.

Update someone with too much time on their hands has created thingshitlerdid, a.k.a Joe Ripoff twitter account and keeps tweeting messages to ensina and hastag #swtw. Real mature.

Update #2 Thank you @hugowett for saving the source code comparison here so that we can still compare the two sites after tweeter.se is gone.

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Wow, someone out there is really good at making twitter spambots - now dekadentstold (decadent theft), needstobeunique and willstealcode plus a few more are joining thingshitlerdid in spitting out junk directed @Ensina. Remind me to not piss off the Swedish twitterverse.....

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I still haven't gotten an account. is #ihatetwitter a tag yet?

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The only sane thing that ever came out of the Monsanto company was how WORLD DOMINATION does not spell DIVERSITY.
Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer and a few other like-minded drunken prophets once stated that mother Nature should favor #svpt and disown #swtw in a bunch of texts named Social Darwinism.
Approximately 140 years later these texts were to become one of the corner stones of web 2.0.

Oh, and here's the recipe for fiften minutes of immaturity.
Bake in oven at 440F until mission completed.
$ curl -sA'' -ufoo:bar -d "status=%40ensina $(curl -sA'' -d amount=1 -d what=paras lipsum.com/feed/html|grep ^[A-Z]|tail -n1|dd bs=1 count=123|sed 'ss [a-z]*\$ss') #swtw" twitter.com/statuses/update.xml

With love,
- the internet

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Thanks for the spam cookie recipe. Easy-bake!

I'm not sure what the thought was here, as Esina has left some cryptic notes and I haven't received a reply to my DM-questions yet. Adding these comments for y'all - does this mean he wanted to start a discussion regarding copyright, or what does he mean? *shrug*

Måste säga att vi är mkt imponerade av hela Tweeter-grejen. Förstår att Ni väntar på ett uttalande. Snart, I promise! :)
"Must say that I'm really impressed by the whole tweeter-thing. Understand that you are now waiting for a statement. Soon. I promise! :)"

Som alla förstått så har Tweeter.se varit ett sätt att väcka diskussioner bland svenska twitter-användare #swtw
"As everyone has understood, Tweeter.se has been a way to start discussions among Swedish twitter-users."