Having trajectile dysfunction?

Fellas.. If you are having trouble with your... swing.. you might want to check out the website trajectiledysfunction.com

There you will find a spoof of those annoyingly cryptic ads where ye shall "ask your doctor if X is right for you", and by using it you'll recover from whatever and be able to throw footballs though tire-swings like a young lad again. Right down to the tire. And the missus only dressed in her hubbies shirt, in some alternate universe called suburbia-land this is "sexy". One wonders what they use that club for.

The difference is that trajectiledysfunction.com are actually selling golf-clubs, while the Levitra ad below is selling, you know. Levitra.

Levitra - Football and Tire

It's just too dang easy to make fun of these new drugs names. Jordan Stratford just quipped:

My favourite brand name. I can just see the boardroom, littered with empties and pizza boxes, and some guy says "What's Latin for 'get it up'?"
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