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Heinz vs. Melita

Coffee, tea or me? The correct answer is soup.

Superadgrunts, click read more to see what's cooking up in the badland kitchen.

Whatever happened to lighting up a cigarette after doing the nasty?

Click here to view the Heinz commercial.

Click here to view the Melita commercial.

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haha, ciggies are baaaad for ya, and we all know that stopping smoking makes you eat more.. ;)

funny find!

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I am an adgrunt member and I am unable to view any commercials on the Badland. Why is that? I thought as an adgrunt member I could view commercials on Badland.

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Robblink writes above: 'Super adgrunts', alerting people that the ads are only viewable for Super adgrunts.

Try this article in Badland, which has commercials in it (ie: in the badland article).

Mama mia thats a spicy ripoff. Search Badland articles only on the super search to find the commercials in Badland.