Honorary Badlander: Plagiarizing books.

From the "lazy way to write something" department, celeb designer Jimmy Schönning in Sweden has admitted that he plagarized most of his book "Find Home" (Hitta hem) from celeb designer Nate Berkus book "Home Rules".

Jimmy says to newspaper Aftonbladet "It was a pressed work situation, I was doing a lot of TV and had taken on too much work with magazines and interior decorating jobs in private homes. At the same time I was trying to complete a book project for the first time and it was all just too much. Any sane person would have said : Give me six more months - but I didn't. My intention was to learn how to do a interior design book in an interesting way, to re-do it in my way. Instead i ended up leaving too many parts of what already existed in the final cut."

Ica who published the book has recalled all 7000 copies of the book and will return the money paid to any buyers of the book. They will not do any more projects with Jimmy and say "this is not a funny story, we feel deceived by Jimmy."

We wonder what Nate Berkus thinsk about all this. And check out the covers - they're pretty similar in that author reclines and smiles-way too. ;)

Hat tip to researcher's non-ad blog deep edition.

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