Houston's blame for being U.S.'s fattest city: Big Macs

Houston, Texas is the United States' fattest city the past three years according to Men's Fitness magazine. Now, their sponsoring their lean campaign: Get Lean Houston.

Their sponsor: McDonalds.

Sure, McDonalds has some foods that are low in fat, but still they serve burgers.

How can a big fast food chain sponsor a city to get even leaner when they serve burgers?!

Earth to Houston: Get a Reality Check!

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Too weird. Even Reuters couldn't keep away from the bazillion puns that follow... Houston, we think we know why you have a problem. .. oh brother..... my stomach hurts just thinking of jokes on this.

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Every year, Men's Fitness has it's fattest-cities survey, and every year, nobody notices that it's completely inaccurate, useless, and so forth.

Do they measure the fitness of a representative sample of the residents? Do they measure the amount of food eaten at fast food restaurants by locals? No. They do none of these things. They count the number of fast food restaurants, the number of gyms, the number of highways, and the number of parks, and then make up a score.

One of the most important factors in the survey is the gyms-per-capita stat. Why? Well, Men's Fitness is owned by Weider, which is a manufacturer of sporting goods, particularly weight training and gym equipment. Also of supplements.

Of course the primary goal of the survey is to make Men's Fitness look good. The secondary effect is to find a city with few gyms, and try to guilt it into gym membership, driving up the sales of Weider equipment.

And Ad-rag, of all places, totally misses it. Excellent PR-- bad reporting.

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NYCKing55 isn't a reporter as far as I know.

this is like a bad April fools isn't it? Or a crap Onion article. You can't make this stuff up folks.

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I couldn't care less how Weider Publications/Mens Fitness decide who gets the title fattest city (about as accurate as the related title "armpit of.." is as you point out) - I'm laughing at the chosen sponsor, I can't take this seriously at all.

I mean c'mon, McDonalds!! - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha ...ow.

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