How to get a lion

Well, you buy one on eBay of course! what the heck?!

PERLORIAN BROTHERS' LION FIGURINE This fearsome fellow is a rare limited edition collectible cast in shiny gold-coloured metal. A half lion stuck on a movie reel, it's a great conversation piece and a tasteful ornament for any decor. Near mint condition. One owner.

>>>> eBay link

Reginald Pike productions.

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James_Trickery's picture

"PERLORIAN BROTHERS' LION FIGURINE"?? Who is this nutty canadian seller, did he steal it or win it?

Dabitch's picture

"Near mint condition"? Did he beat his creative director over the head with it? ;)

current bid: US $1,825.00 - yikes!

blabla's picture

Isn't that the bronze lion that Reginaldpike just won for this Ikea ad? Is this the good ol' fashioned "I'm selling X on eBay" PR gag?

brandonbarr's picture

Nah, I think it's the one they won for Unilever. Here's the stats from the Cannes website:

ategory: Household
Advertiser: UNILEVER
Product or Service: VIM BLEACH
Advertising Agency, City: ZIG, Toronto
Country: CANADA
Creative Director: Elspeth Lynn/Lorriane Tao
Copywriter: Aaron Starkman
Art Director: Stephen Leps
Agency Producer: Janet Woods
Production Company, City: REGINALD PIKE, Toronto
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Producer: Bridget Flynn
Editor: Michelle Czukar (Panic & Bob)
Synopsis: In this spot a female prisoner is being visited by her daughter. They are separated by a glass wall. The camera pulls back to reveal the woman isn't in prison - she is in a bathtub behind a glass shower door and she is cleaning. Unfortunately she is not using VIM Cream.

Note the user on ebay is called "reginaldpike," and it's a "pelorian brothers' figurine."

If it walks like PR, and talks like PR...

Dabitch's picture

aha, well this is VIM commercial at

Robblink's picture

Well, the person didn't win the lion for best copywriting that's for sure!

brandonbarr's picture

Not positive, but I think I unravelled the little web:

CopyWhore's picture

Hey, come on. There's only one way to get one. (Did an ad once with this as the tagline. The visual? The eBay toolbar, with someone typing in One Show Pencil.)

I think it's great we've reached a point where the have-nots have turned to eBay to settle the score... I think Mr. Hatuel would be quite proud to know there are people falling over themselves to bid for this metal-doorstop nonsense. And he, quite frankly, doesn't deserve the satisfaction...

AnonymousCoward's picture

I don't know if it's a stunt or what, but I love how it shows up the reverence people put in these things. And hey, aren't awards supposed to be parlayed into big bucks anyway? It's not a pr stunt it's a political statement!!

Dabitch's picture

Brandon you nutter - I see your crazy bid. $2110!?

brandonbarr's picture

Hehe. I swear that's not me. :)

Dabitch's picture

Hehehe, I believe yas. That's funny. A "Dabitch" won't be making a bid anytime soon, eBay is a "family site" youknow. ;)

Dabitch's picture

Ad age called you? This is getting out of hand.

James_Trickery's picture

right on pandabear!
From this weeks adcritic email:

eBay is great for buying and selling things, but it's also a good way to trick lazy trade
journalists into handing you some fleeting industry buzz. If you haven't heard yet, Reginald Pike directing team The Perlorian Brothers are auctioning off their Gold Lion, which they won for the Unilever spot "Prison Visitor" out of Zig/Toronto. (Damn! We fell for it again.)

AnonymousCoward's picture

I'd thought these guys were bloody brilliant for thinking of this prank. Then I went to and saw their reel and now I think they're outright GENIUSES.

Hygge's picture

It sold for $2,551.00!
I thought I always wanted a Lion to spice up my resume, now I want one to spice up my bank account!

Dabitch's picture

I'll second that Gezellig. ;) Also, I wonder who the lucky bidder byantur is.......

spacecat's picture

if you log on to ebay as a user you can see it's a buyer from Turkey. And you can't be a bidder without a valid credit card billing address, so I'd guess it's really a buyer from Turkey. How many lions did Turkey take at Cannes this year? Add one to that.

AnonymousCoward's picture

and subtract one from canada haha