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"HP computers are racist"

Desi and his co-worker Wanda were testing out the new facial recognition software on a new HP Mediasmart computer. They discovered that this facial recognition software doesn't like to follow Desi, but it does find and follow Wanda. Interesting bug, if it is a bug, does this happen with all HP Mediasmart computers? Desi, who seems quite amused by it all, welcomes "responses to why the HP webcam, does not pick up negroes". Lets see how HP deals with this one.

"And the worst part is, I bought one for christmas!" - OK Desi, I think the wife will see this video sooner or later, so you're secret santadom ain't safe with the web, mate. But with any luck HP will see this and get you a computer with facial recognition software that actually recognizes you.

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HP has published its lame response: http://thenextbench.com/t5/Voodoo-Blog/Customer-Feedback-is-Important-to...

I expected something more sexy. Why not use this lighthearted buzz to make a viral?

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"We believe that the camera might have difficulty “seeing” contrast in conditions where there is insufficient foreground lighting. "

Meh, of course that's it but man, they just wasted a great opportunity, like you say to make lighthearted buzz/viral fun with it. Shame.

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I guess Consumer reports didn't see the HP response, as they tested the camera on another HP computer December 22nd. They conclude, like HP, that the camera can't find people 'where there's no contrast between eye and cheek', so it won't work in a really dark room either.