Hyper Island team sell their brains on Ebay

Hurry! Going fast! The Hyper island group collective that calls themselves "Cousteau Collective" are selling their brainpower on Ebay. The small print explains that you'll get 48 hours of brainstorming from ten people, if you send your brief no later than 10am Stockholm time on Monday, February 27th.
So does this mean that the Cousteau Collective are insomniacs like me? Probably not, so you can figure that part of the 48-hour brainstorming session is executed in sleep mode. Perhaps they have part of the team working and sleeping in shifts so that other parts of the team can take note of any interesting ideas the sleepers might reveal up via somniloquy. Either way I hope the ideas are fresher than the whole "lets sell ourselves on eBay" thing because that's been so done. We've seen it all sold on Ebay, the copywriter who sold himself as a potential Gold Lion, the jilted art director who sold his copywriters notes, the fresh new copywriter in a box, and so on. Come to think of it, those eBay ads were more creative too.

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