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I am Rudy - I am director

You must see Scumco's spec Kodak-film - I suggest you press this link and have a laugh.
This film was directed by Mo Husseini at Kaboom, and he graced the email wires to tell us the story behind the film....

Q: Is this a real Kodak commercial/testfilm or a spec job for your reel? In other words - did Jason and Peter write the script as an answer for a brief, or did they think of it and then decide they must shoot it?

A: Honestly... here's the whole story.... I had just shot a spec spot with Jason and Peter the month before... and on a Monday, I got a phone call from a friend who was renting a camera package the next weekend but was only using it for one day... so he wanted to know if I wanted to split the cost... I called up Jason and Peter to see if they had any spec scripts lying around and they sent me a whole bunch of stuff and I picked this one. Total cost.... $600.

Q: 600 USD?
A: Yeah - It was fucking crazy... We literally shot the spot five days after the first phone call about the camera.. It was insanity... Craft service was a bunch of safeway groceries in the trunk of my car... lunch was (I swear) 45 cheeseburgers from McDonalds (you should have seen the faces when I ordered that)

Q: Is Rudy screaming away in some make belive language?

A: It's Hungarian and he says something like "where are my ducks... where are my fucking ducks... I'm shooting a toilet roll commercial and I ask you for ducks, so where are my fucking ducks"...

Q: So he never went out of character? *grin*

A: Not bad for a BMW mechanic who has never acted...you would have died watching the people doing tai chi in the morning with this crazy Hungarian guy screaming obscenities into a megaphone...

Q: So wait - how did Peter and Jason think this one up? They get inspired from working with .. you? ;))

A:The idea for the spot came to Peter and Jason after they worked with a real director - who's name I will not mention.
Apparently he was just like this.

Q: Some of them are I hear. I've been lucky not to meet any. So more about you - age, and where did you come from - and have you ever been like this guy on a set?

A: I am a pretty young director (29) who came into the business working up through Industrial Light and Magic (George Lucas' effects company) where I started as a Editorial PA... also I dress like shit so I am continually mistaken for someone on the crew...
I don't think I've ever raised my voice on set... I'm more passive aggressive... I just sulk until we get it right... my AD still laughs at me for saying this on set once... I swear it's true "Just like that one more time, only this time why don't you try and do it right". As for taking the piss out of other directors... I was continually shocked by how seriously people take themselves when I first started... not that one shouldn't take the work seriously, it's just that so many directors (in my experience) do not enjoy themselves on set... As for me... I f*ckin' love it... I get such a f*ckin' buzz being in the middle of a well oiled tornado... hahahahahaha.
It's a better high than any drug working working with skilled and talented people and helping everyone achieve their best, regardless of how dumb the product is... it's all about the buzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Q: Can we see more work?

A: Sure... check out my web site at it's got some of my stuff.

Q: And now for the classic Q: What does your mother/parents think you do?

A: What do my parents think I do?
Too many drugs... (rim shot please)
they think I'm completely insane...
The advertising thing is just so bourgeois and unsexy... they would rather have a lawyer son... instead they got me and my brother who runs the D'arcy affiliate in Jordan.

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