Ikea gives commuters a chance to catch up on sleep

Ikea, the consistently quirky campaigner surprised commuters with free pillows demanding "Better Sleep for everyone". Amused commuters could have a kip on the trains in Stockholm thanks to the free pillows that the Ikea-pajama-army handed out.

During morning rush hour the 23rd of September the campaign kicked off. By the platforms for the Arlanda express trains, and the regular commuter trains Ikea greeted sleepy people with their free pillows. In total about 10.000 commuters travel these trains every day. Read more to see more!

The idea was cooked up by the Miami ad agency who - despite it's fancy name - are located in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden. Fredrik Olsson at Miami explains their involvment in the campaign: "We've supplied the best possible places to do this, sorted out legal issues and gotten permissions as well as having done complementing activities. We've looked closely at reaching as many in the target group as possible under a short time."

A rocking success, as many papers wrote about the stunt, and just look at these guys laughing, they loved it. Anything that brings a smile to peoples faces during a dreary commute has to be a good thing™.

Travel Vision control the event "media space" of chatting up commuters, Pehr Dunger sales executive said: "We welcome Ikea who likes to do good ideas that 'stick out', our customers get added value by things like this that break up the mundane morning routine. "

"You'll get my pillow when you pry it from my cold sleepy hands..."

The Pajama uniform, and a sleepy commuter - free pillow and free metro morning paper in hand.

Ikea, a dream client for many, has also hung mattress billboards in Paris trainstations recently. 39 mattresses in major Paris railway stations proclaim the same messages, albeit with a French pun. "Get a good nights sleep" is the proposition everywhere, as in Miami's Swedish campaign the pillows spell out better sleep for everyone, and the French matress-billboard reads "On a le droit d'avoir un bon matelas sans se mettre sur la paille".

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Andreas-Udd's picture

Really fun stunt guys, good job!

kamari's picture

agreed - really fun and funny. I know I would have taken the free pillow.

Dabitch's picture

... then again I always sleep on trainrides.... A free pillow would make my day!

deeped's picture

The lord is making it again. Vice...

kamari's picture

Who's Lord? I get the Miami Vice reference....

Anyone care to translate that French headline for me?

deeped's picture

French? *slapping* It's the lingua of the heroes and vikings...
"Better sleep for everyone" is it.

And the lord is a mythical figure of the ad-world... :)

kamari's picture

No matter how drunk I get, you can't convince me that this is Swedish. "On a le droit d'avoir un bon matelas sans se mettre sur la paille".. It's in the last paragraph of the article.

lord with lowercase, ok - so you're not talking about God then. Hmm. Still I wonder what you mean. Care to clarify? I didn''t feel that answered my question, who is the lord?

Dabitch's picture

Mr Fredrik Olsson quoted in the article goes by the name "Lord Frederuk" in another ad forum, a Swedish one called Bold.

As for the French, I slept through class. It's some kind of pun on sleeping on hay/penniless. 'lying on straw/hay' is an expression that means 'to be penniless', but the headline is saying "You have a right to a decent matress without lying on straw"... That is, without spending a lot of money (and ending up penniless). It works in French anyway.

deeped's picture

Zombies of the crypt ;)

lordFredruk's picture

Hello and very nice being here.

It is swedish and not french. And I can prove it. You, see. I wrote the article and i don

deeped's picture

I think he mean that French stuff in the end of the article... or something... I don't get it - I can only speak the lingua of bravado :D

lordFredruk's picture

Pardon me for jumping the gun. *smartass*

blabla's picture

welcome LordFredruk. May I call you Sir?

So you were involved in this stunt? I like it, I know I would've have smiled had it happened to me on the way to work. And I'm usually very grumpy in the morning. Very, Very. Very.

Andreas-Udd's picture

Guys, guys... pay a little more attention to what the little lady Dab says and you won't look so foolish. ;)

deeped's picture

Me and the lord never looks foolish. We're so good-looking that boy-bands is asking us to fill in for them... ;)

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