An infomercial from a parallel universe - Steampunk Rayguns - yes, really!

Weta Originals, a division of the multi-Oscar winning SFX shop, Weta Workshop in New Zealand have launched a range of amazing SteamPunk Rayguns for collectors. With names such as the MANMELTER 3600ZX; the F.M.O.M. INDUSTRIES Wave Disrupter, or even the GOLIATHON 83, you know that these have been created by a truly warped mind! Handcrafted, and constructed from metal with some glass parts; and with only 500 of each being manufactured, they are truly limited edition pieces. Each one weighs between 71/2 and 10 lbs, and come in a beautiful lined metal presentation case.

Normally this industry makes collectibles (action figures etc) to support an existing movie, TV, or graphic novel property. Obviously in those cases, they have an existing back-story and buzz to create the demand. However, Rayguns were an original creation of Weta, and so we had to help create the back story for the Rayguns range.

Rayguns are the mastermind of the mysterious Dr Grordbort, and he has reached out from his parallel universe and appointed Weta Collectibles to manufacture his awesome range of Rayguns.

TOUCH/CAST NEXT had a story to tell (and a very small budget), and so decided as part of the campaign, the best way to do that was to create an infomercial with a difference!

You can check out the whole story and download the infomercial here. Also, for future reference, the infomercial is here in the commercial archive.

Weta Originals

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