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Inside Saatchi & Saatchi, London

Ever wonder what it was like inside Saatchi & Saatchi? You can find out tomorrow, if you get BBC2. Programme airs Feb 15th at 9:50pm-10:30pm.

The show will apparently cover the inside story of a £20 million advertising campaign to launch a new Brazilian spirit called Sagatiba. The problem is, no one outside of Brazil has heard this upmarket version of Cachaca, one of Brazil's most popular spirits, due to the fact that only one percent of it is exported.

The challenge for the agency is to increase exports to around 50 percent and make it a globally recognised brand name, aimed at the cool crowd.

Watch as the team gets their ideas rejected, are forced to find a top photographer days before the shoot after their first choice ends up not having a visa, and the trials of shooting in Brazilian weather. (hat tip to mad.co.uk weekender)

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That shoot sounds a lot like the one from "e". ;)

Wish I got BBC2.

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aye so do I now.. Sounds like it could be fun. :)

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Well... if they did the a documentary on our agency it would be rather dull...
"And here's Deep.ed in his office, working with the mediaplans for... no he is reading on Adland."
"Here's an empty office. Ok, A is away visiting one of the agency's customer... as well as the most of everyone else..."
"We wait until 3pm for the action - then there is agency coffee-break..."