Internet Ad Virus - looks like another Mahir trick.


Here we go again.

If you have seen you might have had a sense of Deju Vu.. Another media-virus internet site? Oh yes, but it gets even better than that.....

Earlier you might have read the articles about the, and created by Paul and Linus at Fallon (US) for their client BuddyLee.

King Frank shares it's main goal with those sites by being a "mediavirus" as well - a spoofsite about a nutty photographer, and Diesel is the clothing brand behind it this time.

The site updates quite frequently and at one point it was one of the most frequented sites in Germany of all places.

The Diesel account is still over at Paradiset in Stockholm.


You might now know this, but before Paul and Linus seeked fame at Fallon they were working at Paradiset in Stockholm, on the Diesel account of all things.

I've seen funny coincidences before but this one was the best one this week! :)

"Lika barn leka bäst" is an expression is Swedish meaning "children that are alike play together best".

Apparently Paul and Linus and their old collegues really think alike. Go figure.

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Bulleit creates a 32 Foot Tattoo in Los Angeles

Barton F Graf tapped 24 local L.A. artists to create a really big mural on the corner of Sunset and Hyperion for DIageo's whisky brand Bulleit. Why?

Samsung "Do what you can't" (2017) :30 (USA)
Samsung "Do what you can't" (2017) :30 (USA)

Here is the 30 second cut down from Samsung's news campaign "Do what you can't" featuring Youtube phenom, Nike ambassador and now Samsung representative Casey Neistat, telling us all that there

Samsung "Do what you can't" (2017) 1:00 (USA)
Samsung "Do what you can't" (2017) 1:00 (USA)

Casey Neistat isn't an Oscar winner. He wasn't even at the awards. But this ad did air during the awards. ANd he's hear to let us know that he and his fellow Youtubers are very important anyway.

Don't be kept in the dark about cage free eggs

Happy Egg Co is different from the other egg companies out there. For one thing, their chickens have nearly 21.8 square feet per bird to roam around.

Smirnoff "Dj Jewell" (2017) :30 (The Netherlands)
Smirnoff "Dj Jewell" (2017) :30 (The Netherlands)

Here's the :30 second cut down of the long-form branded content for Smirnoff, featuring Dj Jewell, an albino who overcomes prejudices with a big smile, a warm heart and a throbbing beat.

Smirnoff "Dj Jewell" (2017) 1:36 (The Netherlands)
Smirnoff "Dj Jewell" (2017) 1:36 (The Netherlands)

DJ Jeffrey Jewell is an albino. Which makes life challenging sometimes, as in some cultures, being an Albino can cause trouble.


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