Introducing the world's first grammatically incorrect vodka

Check this out: visit And then wait for the Level Vodka ad to load. (Or just read more, we have an image of the ad)

You'd think that with such premium space, they'd make sure that the claim "the worlds first perfectly balanced vodka" be spelled with proper attention to possessive apostrophes.

Apparently not.

AnonymousCoward's picture
AnonymousCoward's picture

As Homer would put it--Dooooooh! I mean, Dooooooh!

Dabitch's picture
Neo's picture

immediately buys Angryflower posters for the entire copywriting department.

deeped's picture

It might be an universalistic approach - some Babylon 5-ish... the first in all of the worlds in Universe... or not ;)

AnonymousCoward's picture

It's so well balanced, it's never possessive.

Dabitch's picture

*moahahaha* yes yes, of course... that's it. :))

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