iPod music is like drugs......

Seems the iconic ipod art direction strikes again - the art director who came up with it is hopefully laughing herself silly all the way to the bank - this time the silouettes are used to warn against drugs. Scaryideas has images of the junkie iPod ads, which read "not all drugs are as harmless as music".

Scary ideas explains the posters "Guerilla campaign for the Berlin Suchthilfe, the Berlin drug awareness organisation." I'd hardly call that guerilla, and unforunatly there's no posting date. The url that seems to be on the posters, www.berlinersuchthilfe.de doesn't exist in the denic.de database. Who knows when this ran.

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"not all drugs are as harmless as music".

Wow. What a completely irrelevant and pointless comparison.

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Hehe.. And don't they remember the eighties, when loads of kids played hard rock stuff backwards and simply had to take a gun to their heads. Harmless? I think not! Remember Elvis, the gateway hip-wiggling to satanism!