It's only August, yet CBS has sold 65% of ads for Super Bowl already.

CBS has already sold 65% of the slots for the super bowl bonanza next year, which is rather impressive considering the dire economic times we're in. At this time last year NBC had sold 85% of the slots, but they didn't have to battle the financial crisis that has made a lot of brands wary of splurging on expensive media slots. One great ad during the bowl gets repeated views all over the web for days, even years later. Lets hope that our 37 years of super bowl commercials collection gets a good year when we add year 38.
People we're rather dissapointed with last years crop, as there were so many movie trailers in it, though some gems shone through. My personal favorite is Alec in Huluwood while other popular commercials were Monster, Moose, Miller High Life's one second campaign, bridgestone moon riders, overall a fair mix of action with Audi - Chase and some quirky with David Abernathy, while pretty much everyone hated Vizio - at least here on Adland (judging by the votes).

Prices haven't gone down much either, it's $2.7 million-$2.8 million per spot, and sources are saying that CBS is telling potential customers that leadoff spots in pods are already fully booked through the first half of the game. Wow!

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