Kellog's Pop-Tarts to sponsor "Dumb-ass"

MTV is coming out with a new show, a take on Jackass called "Dumb ass" and Pop-Tarts will be the sponsor. Pop-Tarts will use the line "Parents don't get them", and will run on-pack promotions for the show as well as air ads during it.

Why "Dumb-ass"? It fits Pop-Tarts target market like a hand in glove, a quick look at a pack shows inane Warming Instructions, as if one couldn't figure out to "Remove pastry from pouch" before "warm pastry in toasting appliance". Crazy kids out there have already done jackass/dumbass combos and set strawberry pop-tarts on fire in toasters just for the heck of it.

Michael Allen, marketing director at Kellogg's, said to the MediaBulletin: "Sponsoring the Dumb Ass strand on MTV will enable Kellogg's Pop Tarts to associate with well-established programming that matches the irreverent and non-conformist values of Pop Tarts."
We think that Pop-tarts will be right at home on this show.

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Um, that "kid" who's burning the pop-tarts is middle-aged.


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.. or at least that's what telling myself all week (birthdayblues - ssshhhhhh!).

That non-conformist quote cracks me up.

That page is ancient, gotta love it. Here's another one with a double-barreled toaster! Burn pop-tart, burrrrn!

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(Shakes fist and waits for MTV's Ass starring Donkey from Shrek to debut.)

BTW, mi cumpleanos es manana!

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oooooh, another gemini - happy birthday to you in... 1 and 1/2 hour in my timezone. :)

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Thank you so much.

Muchas gracias amiga y super-gracias a Goya!

Another 2-face? I love you, hate you. YAY!

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el s

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Non-conformist rectangle shaped fire hazardous fruit'n'bread gunk no less.

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el mio es hoydia, el de mi padre es manana y el tuyo es el sabado.
que chevere!
Hay, mi estomago!
Que cerveza te prefieres?
Hit me off with some of that tongue-twisting dutch lengua. Hahaha.

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