Kittens and kids - that's how you pull the heartstrings

Everyone knows that kittens and kids, puppies and babies are the surefire way to peoples hearts in advertising. But in this transparent trend as of late, did you know that kittens and kids stick nicely to glass doors?
This campaign here got a bronze at this years Asia Pacific Advertising Festival. The text asks you the viewer to: "Push him out of begging - and not out of your way".

I do wonder what these ads look like from the other side of the door. Hopefully not too shit.

Then there's the kittens! Won't somebody think of the kittens? Someone sent houtlust blog this kitty-on-a-door spotted in New York. Same deal here - except there's no pun on push - instead the cat is on the street, and that's bad when he could be at home shedding fur all over your black suit that you need for that meeting tomorrow.

Also similar, the Amnesty "it's not happening here" ads do "transparent" a little different - since it isn't really transparent at all. It's also our most trackbacked/linkshared post of the year so far.

Conclusion: Transparent is big this year. ;)

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But argh!!! That's not a kitten. It's a full grown, faded and dare I say ugly cat! Yes, he belongs in the street. He's simply to annoyning and poorly PhotoShoped.

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Interesting that the three examples are all pro-bono/non-profit types. There was also one sort of similar for the Joffrey Ballet that won an Andy Award this year.