From the land of football, we watch your "Football" for the commercials, Super Bowl XLVI

It's that time of year when Americans go bat shit crazy for yet another round of 'Football'. Of course I'm referring to the Super Bowl XLVI.

Across the pond from where all the fun is taking place, is little old UK where, sure, there are some NFL fanatics over here, but the sport as a whole doesn't really make that much of an impact, aside from calling it 'Football' when it's clearly a more hand orientated sport. What does make an impact, however, is the commercials.

They're huge. Companies spend millions for a 30 second spot on the prime time break, somehow they can still go very bad. On the flip side, they can go very, very well. And that's when us Brits get involved. As they make their way over the cyber netting onto our computer screens, the best ones stay and the worst ones fade away into a forgotten land of ones and zeros.

I love the Super Bowl. The idea of it, anyway. It bring people together, just like Christmas, but with more beer. It also gives agencies the chance to get out some brilliant work. I'd say it's the best work to come out of America each year. There will always be exceptions, but on the whole it sets the bar high. Put simply the Super Bowl means good commercials.

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