Lego agency fires team for outrageous lego spec

Remember when Bic got seriously unhappy with the agency who's jr's made these bic ads and passed out on the web?
Well, now Lego fired the kids who made this ad and put it on the net. Adrants reports that the team got fired.. See also the apology letter here.
Then there's BenQ humbly apologise for this ad. What's with the adkids these days? Back in my day, our outrageous ads weren't crap. (also, we lived in a rolled up newspaper at the bottom of a lake and had to walk six miles to our agency, uphill. both ways.)

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Seriously! I guess it's trendy to be edgy after the whole VW Suicide bomber. ;)

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Aha! You might have a point there. In that case those teams really missed the point - the VW suicide ad might have been outrageous but the payoff and idea really wasn't that farfetched. It was on VW brief on everything except perhaps the tone . The Lego and BIC examples were not even close to their respective brands universes, they were way out in outer space.

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It's a really, horribly lame/bad ad to begin with so it should never have been given any attention in the first place.

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That's just it! I twas never an actual ad! I'm just saying, when did the crazy outrageous campaigns done by juniors as spec/pitches become so.. I dunno, crap? I don't recall any juniors crucifying some random long haired dude in order to sell nails before - but maybe I didn't pay attention.
I recall quite a few ads done in strange new untested media spaces they might not have been possible to make and other oddities tho. I guess that trend is over.

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Came across a blog posting with more of the ads and a plea to contact the agency responsible from youtube. See them here.

Dabitch's picture

How pointless, since they're already fired. (still not getting any closer to understanding why juniors creativity seems limited to "shock the hell out of people" these days, but conversations have a life of their own. Was it better in the old days? Or was it just as terrible then? Hey, maybe I'm getting old?)

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The video was added Dec 7th around the time of hubbub, so it was timely when put up originally.

Dabitch's picture

Oh, right, sorry - didn't see that until now that you pointed it out. Nice controversy caused then. I guess the team got famous, just not in the way they intended. ;)

deeped's picture

There's some sort of "let's spec. things easily so we can make ourselves famous at Second Life instead". Boring and crappy.