Lego campaigns seem based on lego enthusiasts images

Just a note here, the Lego campaign from JvM that seems based on an internet meme/image isn't the first one from Lego to do that. It's not even the first from JvM and Lego.

Take the image above as and example. The Tank Lego ad is from "Making History" where tanks, the Brandenburg and the Ali knockout are depicted in lego. Kinda like historic moments in Lego and very much like this Tiananmen Square recreation.

Joelapompe points out this M.C. Escher impossible waterfall situ, where the lego in the ad looks pretty much exactly like the lego in the image to the left.

Seems you can do everything with Lego, except be original. Wait.... Hang on.... No, that shouldn't be their selling proposition...

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