Len Kendall proposes to Katie via the internet

Risking life and limb, sort of, Len as in @LenKendall is proposing to Katie over the internet, and allowing you to meme-ify him while he's on his knees holding a ring. This could backfire for our brave hero today, Len is actually attempting to get the meme to to reach Katie before he does, and us intarweb-dwelling peeps will act as cheerleaders chanting #SayYesKatie until she does.

Naturally, this is the reaction we're all expecting. Though sources say Katie does not look like a white furball.

Of course since we have the image of Len, everyone had to have a little fun with the Len Kendall proposal pose.

You CAN NOT say no to the LenCat!

UPDATE: She said yes.
Congrats you crazy kids.

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