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Let's talk balls campaign may be breaking the law

The international society of men's health campaign called Let's talk balls has run into trouble in Sweden with leading doctors writing an debate/opinion piece in the leading national newspaper arguing that the campaign both threatens men's health and is illegal.

Their article opens with:

The pharmaceutical company Bayer AB launches under the guise of "International Society of Men's Health" an advertising campaign with a view to bringing Swedish men use testosterone products company.

(I know, advertising that sells something, who would have thunk it, right?)

But they have a point here, one can not advertise drugs directly to the consumer here (DTCA), that's why our Viagra ads aren't as funny as the Canadian ones like antique-ing done by Perlorian's brothers. This is the land of pharma to Dr advertising where salesmen and samples still rule the world.

In Sweden and Europe it is not allowed to advertise prescription drugs directly to the public. By camouflaging advertising message during the "International Society of Men's Health" trying Bayer AB circumvent the regulations, that's how drug ads to be designed, and only produce the possible positive aspects of testosterone treatment.
Bayer's advertising disguised as health education but in practice the marketing of prescription drugs directly to consumers, which is banned in the EU.

The EU has considered a possible removal of the DTCA ban, it rejected a proposal in 2003 and 2008, but it's still being discussed.

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