Link Lust: Cadbury hara-kiri eggs, the death of firebrand, and shoot the blog.

Sean Carton muses over the death of Firebrand in Wake up! Consumers don't like to watch ads! - he almost nails it. I don't think firebrand failed only because most normal people aren't as ad-addicted as we are - there are plenty of long-term adgrunts around here who don't work in advertising and do like ads. The execution had a lot to do with it, all flash, no content, big fanfare and all will set anyone up for a big fall. That, and, well they forgot to call me.

Jesus christ, I can't stop laughing at The mass ritual suicide of Cadbury eggs in mousetraps, which according to the Guardian took 23 hours to set up but just nine seconds to shoot. Look at them goo! Hehe. Laughing this hard isn't good for my heart.

There's a new blog in town, shoot the blog from photoshelter with posts written by Rachel Hulin and where photo reps and photo buyers weigh in as contributors, yours truly is one of them.

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That eggvert is great.