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Rm116 interviews Earl Cox, Chief Strategy Officer at The Martin Agency. reports on Diesel's recent viral stunt to promote their Intimate Collection. Two gorgeous, crazy girls (models) named Heidies steal an underwear collection, kidnap a sales manager (model) and lock themselves in a hotel room with their victim for five days, all streamed live to
If you missed it, you can check out the "15 Megabytes of Fame" campaign here.

Kraft's ad review for the Oscar Mayer, Kraft Singles, Ritz, Triscuit and Grey Poupon brands has some unrealistic demands, specifically a demand that the shops give up ownership of ideas presented in the review -- but accept legal liability should the marketer end up using those ideas at some later date. Adage says:

...the marketer gave the impression it was backing down. "We're in the process of refining our agency-pitch requirements," said Kraft spokeswoman Renee Zahery, who declined to offer specifics. "Kraft values the relationships we have within the advertising community and wants to be fair. ... We realized these practices needed to be adjusted to align more closely with industry standards."

Neither the Media Guardian nor Bob Garfield have anything amazing to say about the new Honda "Hondamentalism" by W+K. In fact, Garfield says it proves the folks at W+K are mortal.

Watch a 30 second ad in Japan, get a free cup of coffee from the vending machine.

Adweek reports on the ad industry seeking global image boost and the WFA's plan includes: boosting consumer awareness about the self-regulatory system; speeding and simplifying the complaint process and the removal of advertisements that breach the codes; setting up a transparent adjudication process; and involving non-industry figures in the self-regulatory process to raise outward credibility and trust in the system.

Graphic Design Blog is running an experiment to see if designers think alike by asking folks to create a logo for two fake companies. Results to be posted May 29th.

Speakup posts on design cliches often used in logos.

Copyblogger has a copywriting contest to create a landing page and ad to drive traffic to it. Winners get money towards advertising on Squidoo. The whole thing is a way for them to promote something called SquidOffers, which are text ads that Squidoo users can vote up or down.

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So the new W+K advert isn't as amazing as other efforts from W+K?

Not sure that's true, at least in my opinion. And that's the crux of it: opinion. For me, the new advert is aimed at getting a new side of the Honda business across: racing and the Honda heritage. Personally, I like it.

Furthermore, the advert is part of a larger, integrated campaign, pointing viewers to a dedicated Hondamentalism microsite (developed by Midas Collective). Without all the other elements of the campaign, perhaps this advert might fall flat on its face, but taken as part of a whole campaign it's a brave thing for W+K to do for Honda.

Perhaps if the ad was seen in this light then Bob Garfield would understand what the W+K spot is all about. Then again, we're all entitled to our opinions.