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Dangit, Caffeinegoddess is getting free coffee with Gareth Kay and likeminded while I'm sitting here totally dry on the coffeefront. Sucky.

This day in type a calendar with a new font each day.

Vauxhall launches in Second Life to promote the Corsa.

It is asking internet users to vote for the best locations in Second Life and will publish a top ten - called the Corsa Guide to Getting a (Second) Life - in mid-June.

Voting booths will be placed on the site from this week, and a full list of locations, which include water parks and nightclubs, will be published at

A Vauxhall spokeswoman says: "In real life, Corsa is synonymous with having a good time.

"Now we want people to have fun virtually too. It's a new world to explore and it can be confusing to find your way around. This initiative will help newcomers
find the best places to enjoy."

Under 30: Dear television ad executives: Here's a piece of her mind - an open letter.

Miller Lite goes to BBH.

Jack Trout tells how to evaluate advertising.

Most agencies today will pitch the concept that advertising has to form a bond with the customer. The customers have to like the advertising, which means you can't sell too hard. Liking advertising is only useful if you're selling tickets to watch it.

Don't buy into all that. The basic role of an agency is to take that difference and make it interesting by dramatizing it. People are attracted to the media because of its entertainment and information value, not because they are dying to see your latest ad. The agency can use sex or humor or whatever, but the ad must communicate that reason to buy. If you like the way the agency did that, approve it. Or ask for more drama.

These links brought to you by a highly surreal sell-out artist. Please welsome, Salvador Dali. That's Daa-leeeee. Oh yeah.

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