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If you can read this - you're hired - also known as the best use of dingbats, evah. Lunar BBDO's recruitment ad could only attract the type obsessed. So did they get good replies? "We did get one guy who was a bit too obsessive, even for us," Kay says. "He had created his own typeface out of bits of meat, like liver and kidneys, which looked good, but was a bit much for us."

Mystery Obama 1984/Clinton ad creator revealed - and fired.

"Obviously some people are going to look at this and see that I'm working in politics and they'll think that it's kind of disingenuous or not genuine," de Vellis said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I still think that ordinary citizens can change politics. It could have been anyone else who could have made this ad."

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(Thanks Steve)

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Terrible compression but a funny ad. Although this guy appears to have posted it two days later than another guy. First has had 88,000 hits - this one only 1200.

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The most annoying thing about youtube is the often terrible compression, followed closely by that wading through the doubles thing. (and triples and quads and so on). I didn't see the first post. Wonder who made it.