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Pantone fan? Check out Pantone Eyewear. Or deck out your office with this funky Pixel Couch.

Looking to do an internship at an agency? Sometimes the reputation of an agency doesn't always mean it will be a great internship experience. Check out InternshipRatings.com for ratings and feedback from past interns. Had an amazing experience somewhere or, even a bad one? You can rate your experience, anonymously.

The folks at Worth1000 had a contest to create vintage ads for modern products. Some of the results are rather amusing.

Cute Taxonomy of Animal Logos

And The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Logo goes to...Obama.

Thecarconnection.com has claimed to have gotten wind of a new VW campaign titled "Das Auto", which will feature Heidi Klum, David Hasselhoff, Leonard Nimoy and Bobby Knight. The ads will star a personified 1964 black Beetle named Max talking to the celebs about what people want.

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RLDavies's picture

Aww, I was hoping the Pantone glasses featured earpieces that fanned out to make a mini Pantone reference book. Now *that* would be cool.

Dabitch's picture

Ah! Yes, that must be there in the pantone glasses 2.0 option. It would also make me wish I was nearsighted or something.

RLDavies's picture

I can't see beyond arm's length without my glasses, and at the moment I can't see closer than arm's length with them on. Spent the past month doing nothing but taking them off and putting them on, and learning how to perch them on my forehead. Time to get a new prescription. In the absence of Pantone 2.0, I suppose I'll stick with my rimless titanium.