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"Government to Take a Hard Look at Horror" NYT reports, in response to thoese scary posters for horror films like that 'Captivity' campaign and internet ads that younger people are seeing.

If the new study were to find that the industry has violated or has outgrown its voluntary standards, it might kick the issue back into the political arena ahead of a presidential election. There it could trigger fresh calls for regulation, or even kill a gory source of relatively easy money.

In response to all those Windows-Vista posters all over Prague Jeremiah Palecek has created these Windows Vista anti-wow stickers, that you may download and stick on any Windows Vista posters that litter your day. Via BoingBoing

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RE: "Government to Take a Hard Look at Horror"

Reading that reminds me of this:

Voodoo and violence; magician Penn Jillette sees through the censors' tricks

What makes the problem really awful is that you're dealing with the entertainment industry, a group of people who are traditionally spineless. That's where the problem comes from.