Link Lust: Let Link Lead The Way

Earlier this week we say another marketing ploy in Boston suburb of Newton that got the bomb squad out to check out some backpacks left around the school. You'd think people would have learned from the ATHF incident. (Note: The article doesn't mention the website url/name, most likely in hopes of keeping it from getting free publicity from the stunt.)

For all you Mac users, Apple has announced they are pushing back launch date of the new OS X (Leopard) from June to October. (hat tip

A Japanese company, Tadacopy, is offering university students free photocopies. Ads are printed on the back of the copy paper, which is slightly thicker than normal to prevent ads from shining through. For JPY 400,000, advertisers can have their message printed on 10,000 sheets of paper. (via Graphic Design Bar)

Will we see USA political ads popping up in the 2008 Super Bowl? aims to give the best young creative talent the opportunity to showcase their work to the world. All submitted work will be judged by the newcreatives administrators before it appears on the website. Only the best work will appear in personal profiles.They are also actively looking for people to launch newcreatives worldwide. Creatives who would like to start up newcreatives in their country can shoot them an email at:

GoaFest 2007 kicks off next Friday in India.

What every office needs: a Bullshit Button!

For you crafty types, crochet instructions to make a plush Pillsbury Doughboy.

You thought the BK's Whopperettes were a bit stange? Check out this Italian series of ads for Parmigiano Reggiano titled "Musichall":

New Lux ad from Daniel Kleinman and Santo, Buenos Aires (hat tip Enoch):

This Lux ad is also now in the archive.

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