Link Lust: Link In The Nick Of Time

Hennessy's "The Lost Weekend" at

This spot for Cadbury from Fallon London is getting a lot of hype online this weekend/past week.

More smellvertising, this time for for Hollywood.

Adgrunt BrandonBarr points out this mind-numbingly awful billboard in Atlanta, GA.

BMW wants people to RelearnToDrive.

"The theme of the campaign is "Relearn to drive," which is also the U.R.L. for the campaign's Web site ( The goal is to persuade car owners to consider attending the BMW school because a good deal of what they learned when they were taught to drive is outdated or irrelevant - or may have been wrong in the first place."

A while back we posted the Sony Blu-ray Disc spot. Now you can check out some of the behind-the-scenes footage, shot on location within a working industrial chimney in Hungary. See how the advert was made and to find out more about the inspiration behind the shoot here.

MSNBC lists their choice of Best and Worst ads of the year.

The Best Taglines Around the Internet.

Ad agencies in Moscow get searched for pirated software.

The future of advertising? Think online and personal, says this article.

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Wonder if the movie will use this?

In the tagline list, number 23 ("A maze of twisty passages, all alike") is a quotation from the classic text adventure game Zork. Gamers of a certain age still thrill to those words.

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The quote dates back to the original Adventure text game, which Zork is directly based on. (I just checked Wikipedia, and the game was also known as Colossal Cave Adventure, Colossal Cave, and ADVENT). The first version was from 1976. A version of Zork was available in 1977, but Zork I was released in 1980 (November for PDP-11, December for TRS-80, the Apple II version was later in 1981).

[I played it (Adventure) on a Honeywell Level 6 machine in 1981].