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Link Lust: Lonesome Link

I know, this is ancient, but still - Gawkers wonders "Did Bud Super Bowl Commercial Rip Off The Whitest Kids?" Naaah, I don't think so, do you think so? Input plz.

We got this email that follows every single rule of skanky seeding mails: "Hi dude, have you heard about this? it's a link to this year's viral oscars 'germ'. There's a category for best image, video and interactive viral. I think the deadline is march 31st. I've just craeted some cool new clips so will def enter them

Bad spelling? Check. Mysterious tipster from throwaway email account? Check. The phrase "have you heard" used? Check. We replied: "Hello Mystery dude emailing from a throwaway hotmail account. If you are in any way involved with this we'd really appreciate it if you said so now, so that we could ask follow up questions and make a better article about this germ award." - we got no word back so here's a single crummy link with no more info, have fun with that.

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What is the big problem with asking permission?

It has been said it is easier to apologize than to ask permission, but I don't hear anyone apologizing.

Maybe it is only ripping off (stealing, theft, infringment, or whatever else you want to call it) after the better lawyer proves it in court. Too bad we all can't afford the best lawyer.

I guess it is easier to pay some people to sit around and surf the 'net all day harvesting the ideas of others than to pay them to work long and hard and come up with something unique on their own, or to simply ask to use an idea and fairly compensate those who created it in the first place.

Perhaps I am too naive, too moral, and that's why I just don't get it.