Link lust - Lux dresses Sarah, fake reward posters try to sell movie.

"It's getting colder in Tel Aviv, apparently. Who knew?"
Sarah Jessica Parker poster advertisement for Lux gets more modest clothing after religious groups threatened boycott.

Gross promo #1 (Better late than never):
The poster of a girl bears a chilling message: REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the murder of Jessica Rogers.

But the posters are just an ad, for a movie. Parents of murdered children are not amused.

Gross promo #2:
The "Seed of Chucky" Sperm Bank...
Gross or Brilliant? Oh, I'm torn.... The condoms are funny though.

Adfreak (Adweeks Blog, not to be confused with *AdFreaks) tells the story of HSBC's email server censorship. Amusing. My nomination for prudest mailserver in the world however, goes to BBDO Detroit which has a problem with the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword".

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"It's getting colder in Tel Aviv" - if religious groups in Israel wanted to cover up Sara Jessica Parker, I would've dressed her in a burka.

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That "REWARD" poster which was an ad for a movie; Misleading. Exploitative and in extremly bad taste. No wonder people hat advertising when advertisers don't apply common sense to their ideas. Sure, freedom of speech means you can say anything - but screaming "Fire" in a crowded theatre when there is none will get you arrested.