Link Lust: Never gonna link you down, never gonna give you up

Pardon me while I play catch-up with some of the submitted links I managed to not have time to post during this messy week.

Skywriting move over - now there's flogo (presumably at but their site seems bust) - it's like a mini Foam City in the sky. What they've done according to livescience is "uses re-purposed artificial snow machines to generate the floating ads and messages, dubbed Flogos. The machines can pop one Flogo out every 15 seconds, flooding the air with foamy peace signs or whatever shape a client desires. Renting the machine for a day starts out at a cost of about $2,500." Seems more like sky-logo confetti to me but whatever floats your boat.

Soviet lemonade labels - because labels are cool.

How big of a font nerd are you? Take this handy Quiz to find out. First one to get 34 out of 34 wins the "font nerdiest" title here.

Copywriters, I dare you to come up with a better description of this house for sale. "Tony Hawk meets Mathew, Mark, Luke & John!"

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I liked the Font Game, even though I only scored 26. A lot of them I squeaked by with nothing more than elimination of one or two obvious wrong answers, followed by an educated guess. After all, confronted with an unknown font, everybody here ought to be able to say whether it ought to be called "Classicesque Roman" or "Wham Bam". (Font names have been changed to protect the innocent.)