Link Lust: Pinterest & money, Confessions of an ad creative

The Atlantic have an article Why pinterest is playing dumb about making money where Alexis Madrigal crunches numbers for us.

Digiday: "confessions of an ad creative", is also worth a read. Nice one @bmorrissey

Only creatives are solely defined by the end product, despite the fact there were so many people in the room trying to affect it. Next time you think a creative is being difficult, or whiny, consider for a moment the fact that next time he has to interview for a job, having worked on a successful account isn’t enough. He has to put up the actual work and say, “This is what I made.” He doesn’t get to blame the bad layout on the account guy who forced it down his throat or the horrible logic on the strategist. He has to claim it as his own and let the chips fall where they may. So go easy on the kid. For once.

Meanwhile Wired has Mad Men hookups, the illustrated guide to Mad Men Bed hopping. Remember when Wired used to be this cutting edge digital world and tech-gear idea magazine instead of a strange cross between TV-guide and People? Yeah, neither do I, I wasn't born then.

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