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Link Lust: Quotation marks, new ad-pals and must have tees for typenerds.

Hate stray quotation marks? You'll probably love the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks which has ample examples of the horror. Here's a sign where you might get donut-like food and a drink almost, but not quite, entirely unlike coffee: When the "alarmed" door is done freaking out it might join me in laughing. Bonus: quote abuse flickr pool.

"10 Shirts Every Type Nerd Must Own" does exactly what it says on the tin. Time for fresh tees as spring is here.

New site for adnerds has sprung up and it reminds me a bit of the Pit Of Advertising wonders from way back in the day in that is has fun ad-nerdy games to play. Over at Adiocracy.com you can try and guess what this product just made for guys is really for. If you said pretzels you win a bag of dry bread stuffed with processed cheese, congrats!

By the way, while I'm here hogging the mike, we do have a link page collecting all ad agency, ad collections, ad blogs and other ad related sites, but it looks like it's time to retire the adlinks for now in the way that they are displayed. Submissions as of late have been carton exhibitions (yes, really!) and everyone is emailing me links anyway. Back to the drawing board in regards to that then. ;)

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