Link Lust: Shower Me With Your Link

Old Skool storyboards found here: The abstract commercial. Ah! So retro. More fun here in the animationarchive. Via ever-hip Coudal.

We've done the lost wallet trick, the lost passport gag and now Nissan is losing their car keys all over town. The New York Times shares the copy and the guerrilla tactic makes sense: "If found, please do not return" (because the Nissan Altima) "has Intelligent Key with push-button ignition, and I no longer need these.".

Notes on Design have some familiar faces guest blogging for them, like master glyph pusher Stephen Coles, wordsmith John Kuraoka, HOW magazine's editor Bryn Mooth... and oh look there's me and our own Caffeinegoddess, well whaddyaknow.

These links brought to you by... The iRack.

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