Link lust - todays gossip Destino, Husband billboards and Audrey Davis.

Woman advertises for Husband on a huge Billboard. A Chinese-Australian woman has taken out a giant billboard in a busy part of Sydney to advertise for a husband. "If you can put up a sign advertising Coca Cola, why not write one about a husband?" she said. Good point, miss. Heck if Blaire can do a website called Marry why not a billboard?

Audrey Davis, the creative director of Maisonneuve Magazine is interviewed at Blogfonk

Back in 1946 Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated to create a short animated film called Destino, it was finished finished 57 years later by Roy Disney using Dali's storyboards. Those who think this is a combo to die for should head over to NPR where they can see to realmedia clips of Destino. Disney is planning to release a DVD with a documentary that tells the whole story.

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