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The Other Paper tells the story of a street artist who calls themselves Vinchen. They placed this "Hilton class" poster in a Hilton hotel lobby, where the usual stock image has been replaced by a drunk looking Paris Hilton showing off a nipple and the headline reads: For over 80 years the Hilton name has been synonymous with elegance and class. A tradition that continues today.. Vinchen says: "Advertising tells you what you need, I try to make it a dialogue." Good on ya Vinchen.

Meanwhile in Sweden, kids yoghurt packages have some very violent scenes on them - on the front the peach and vanilla stick are happy as can be, but on the back the peach pulls out a gun and shoots down vanilla... wtf? - via Researcher.

The Miami Herald reports on a name-backlash that everyone knew was coming, even if you never heard of the product. Someone thought it would be clever to name their new energy drink Cocaine. Best quote of the week:

'"Of course, we intended for Cocaine energy drink to be a legal alternative the same way that celibacy is an alternative to premarital sex,'" Ivey said. "It's not the same thing and no one thinks it is. Our product doesn't have any cocaine in it. No one thinks that it does. We think it is most likely legal in the United States to ship our product.'"

Cartoon-copies, carbon-copies? That bizarre thing of synchronized & similar ideas is not limited to the adworld as words&pictures notes. This here viral toon is similar to this word&pictures toon, while sellout toon is kinda reminiscent of this sellout toon. Go fig.

These links brought to you by Microsofts answer to the iPhone. The O-Phone. Oh!

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Having once been the Editor of Hilton Hotels in-house magazine in Australia I absolutely loved this poster! I can't wait for the in-house jail magazine edited by Paris. à bientôt, Malkie

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