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Link Lust: Your logo makes me barf, Twitter adfeeds collected

Your logo makes me barf has quite the collection of logo horrors - how about that dog mounting that cat? Friendly animals, indeed. For more accidental sex in logo's, check the phallic logo search here.

Font game is a game, with fonts. Fer shuriken. It's shooting practice and font skills testing at the same time actually, it's like they made this game for me. You have 4 seconds to shoot the right font when the little targets come up, do you know your VAG from your Bembo, your Interstate Regular from Eurostile?

There's a new page at tweeeeet.com to keep track of, tweeeeet.com/thedenveregotist shows the latest tweets from the usual ad-tweeting suspects. keep that window open to get an overview over the adtweets of the day, easy.
Speaking of adtweeters, the Angrydesigner is on an all caps rant against the world. He's like Adobegripes in tweet form. And ALL CAPS.

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