LOLcats for PETA, tweet-T-shirt, Soulwow beats shit off shamwow and IPRED

  • omgwtfbbq!?! LOLcats haev oficialy jumped da sharked*! srsly! teh PETA fownd an LOLSpeak ganara2r and bgan crankng out teh crumy litle baner ads wit kittehs!1!1! WTF we SOB!1!11 Yes hai, we can has lethal injection NAW!
  • Shamwow gets spoofed by Soulwow. “We have hundreds of Priests waiting to take your confession and give you that almost baptized feeling,” says Father Vic and looks all informercial-intense, man.
  • IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) law came into force here in Sweden on April 1, the paranoia levels have skyrocketed. Now there's a new VPN called IPredator, and you can check if your IP is being monitored at This is all making me triple paranoid, I dare not use my own network for anything these days, I'm typing this from inside the central Echelon server. Holla.
  • Twitter comes to your T-shirt, only £25 which should take all you social notworking peeps around half a tweet to come up with, if all of those annoying auto-DM's are to be believed. Hat tip @fsamuel
  • *(though, since I am an lolcataddict beyond saving, I shall of course assume the position...)
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    Lolspeak 101 - a course by Professor Elfinugget

    Misspell everything. There’s no wrong way to do this, just try not to accidentally correctly spell a completely different word (especially one that’s pronounced differently than your spelling intends). Some words (usually short words) should simply remain spelled correctly for continuity’s sake. 1) Think like a little kid / cat / dog / goldfish, and get hukd on foniks
    2) I cannot stress this enough: Vowels are your friends! Do not neglect vowels!! We’re speaking LolKitteh here, not text messaging! (My advice: use alternate vowels, Y’s are particularly handy, but don’t overuse them.)
    3) Extra W’s and H’s (”awl” instead of “all”)
    4) Z’s instead of S’s are easy
    5) Double-letters versus single letters are always fun
    6) Don’t be afraid to further pluralize things, including your verbs
    7) Remember that the word “THE” must always be spelled “TEH