Mad Men - Boston 2009 / Red Sox Joey McIntyre and the f-bomb.

What would happen if Mad Men was MA Men set in Boston 2009 instead of New York cirka 1960? We'll, theres be a lot more fucking swearing that's fer fucking sure. Wicked awesome.

Starring: Joey McIntyre, Nate Cordry. Jamie Denbo, Jessica Chafin, Rob Delaney, Nat Faxon
Written by Jamie Denbo
Directed by Drew Antzis
Director of Photography - Antonio Scarlata
Sound and Post mix - Jayce Murphy
Produced by Lauren Palmigiano
Edited by Drew Antzis
Color Correction - Antonio Scarlata
Gaffer - Dustin Bowser
PA - Carly Rhodes

The lovely expletive cross-stich is created by Cher i T of Cranky Crafts, see her shop for more.

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OMG... that is so many kinds of wrong. Brilliant. :-)