The Mad Men tweets - even the Xerox machine is tweeting now.

The mad men tweets has now spread all the way to office-machines taking part as the Xerox 914 tweets away about missing Miss Peggy Olsen and "Paper Out". I can't wait until the by now famous Boylan Seltzer bottle (I have one, they're so sexy) starts tweeting away! "bubble, fizz - cap opens" and other important events in a bottles life are a must follow. ;)

Other Mad men tweeters: Mad Men, another Peggy Olson with new & improved flip-do, Bertram_Cooper & Bertram Cooper, Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway, Paul Kinsey, Bobbie Barett, Jimmy Barett, Betty Draper & Betty_Draper, Anna Draper, Francine Hanson, Pete Cambell, Trudy Cambell, sly off the wagon Duck Phillips, Ken Cosgrove, Harry Crane... and the list goes on and on.

Famous non-fictional ad people twittering from the era include Bill Bernbach, David_Ogilvy and still living and breathing ad legend Mary Wells, a.k.a Mary Wells Lawrence. I wonder what she thinks about that twitter account from her younger self.

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Check out Boyland Seltzers friends - all mad men people down to the two dogs.